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When you buy a policy from us, an agent comes with it!

 No lizards, ducks, monkeys or gimmicks are allowed at Southern Insurance: 

When you buy a policy from us, an agent comes with it!

We believe you deserve more than a toll free number, a website or a message machine!

No expecting you to try and communicate with computers and message systems.

No incompetent customer service reps that don't allow you to talk with managers or decision makers.

No flavor of the month insurance carriers.

 What you should expect to receive from Southern Insurance:

Live, local insurance agents offering competitive insurance service for over 50 years.

To deal with local people who reinvest their paychecks in your community.

Local people who represent the strongest, top rated insurance companies in the world. 

Companies that consistently offer the most comprehensive prices available anywhere.

At Southern  Insurance you get decades of combined agent experience. Experience working in any area of insurance you can think of. Whatever your need, we have the tools and provider connections to offer the most competitive prices and service.